Hypocrisy of Politicians

Legal Tax Avoidance is just another form of Cost Control A director’s statutory responsibility is to maximise the income and minimise the costs in the businesses they manage on behalf of the owners of that business – legally of course – but, when you listen to radio or TV journalists or read the papers, once … Continue reading Hypocrisy of Politicians

Are you really an entrepreneur?

Read this interesting study into Entrepreneurs You know you are an entrepreneur if you HATE risk ! Well this was one of the first surprises I found when I read a great article in ForbesThe common belief is that people start companies because they get a rush from taking risks. But Mike Maddock in his … Continue reading Are you really an entrepreneur?

Planning for Success in 2012

Budgeting for Success If you fail to plan, you might as well plan to fail !? Well we all know this cliché ……… and yet ……at difficult times like these, it is inconceivable that so many businesses do not prepare detailed budgets to be agreed by their owners, managers and teams.Planning a budget is relatively … Continue reading Planning for Success in 2012

The Hypocrisy of Politicians

Well some of them anyway……. It was fascinating to hear some of the rhetoric coming out of the Liberal Party conference from Comrades Clegg, Cable and Alexander, and I cant wait to hear the language from the conservatives. I particularly objected to the sweeping criticism of tax planning as “tax avoidance” which they were appearing … Continue reading The Hypocrisy of Politicians