The Hypocrisy of Politicians

Well some of them anyway…….

It was fascinating to hear some of the rhetoric coming out of the Liberal Party conference from Comrades Clegg, Cable and Alexander, and I cant wait to hear the language from the conservatives.

I particularly objected to the sweeping criticism of tax planning as “tax avoidance” which they were appearing to suggest was as bad as illegal “tax evasion”.

What nonsense – the last thing they want to do is to suffocate entrepreneurs with more tax, when it is those entrepreneurs who will use any tax savings to invest into their businesses and create more employment at a time when the state is shedding so many unnecessary jobs.

The entrepreneurial mind that looks to avoid paying unnecessary tax (legally) is just what the government needs to encourage to get the country out of its mess.

And finally – what hypocrisy!

Excuse me, was it not one our esteemed comrades who saved tens of thousands in Capital Gains Tax by using a loophole and flipping his second property and calling it his main home.

Bah humbug – bloody politicians!!!

Going back to work to create some jobs – grumpy old cynic from Eastbourne !!!!!!

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