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Too many businesses believe that success is all about managing from the top. However, Mike argues that you are only as strong as the weakest link in your team, and that long term success depends on your ability to gain the heads and minds of your whole work team, not just the senior levels of management.
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When he is not using his skills and experience to help his clients to focus on increasing their profitability, he is an international motivational speaker.At Seminars and Conferences he inspires his audience to adopt a Profit Culture in their businesses, for long term growth in profitability.

Mike mixes common sense with experience to offer easy to understand practical advice.

He continually challenges his audience to focus on what really matters in making profits.

With his innovative use of props including ladies red knickers and bottles of wine, warning the audience not to allow themselves to become “WINPs” and urging them “Dont be SAD – get MAD”, Michael not only keeps his audience entertained, but inspires and leaves them with numerous action points to take away to improve their business profitability.

If you would like a conference or seminar speaker who will help your audience to focus on how to increase their profitability, then Michael is an ideal choice.

Robert Rolih, a conference organiser from Slovenia, compared Michael favourably with high profile speakers Chet Holmes from America and Geoff Burch from UK who they had previously used, and Sepehr Tarverdian from Iran compared Michael favourably with Brian Tracy and remarked (see in the testimonials) about Michael’s excellent feedback in Tehran; he has since rebooked Michael to speak in Tehran and Isfahan, as well as Masshad where his speeches were again very popular.

Subsequently Michael has had rave reviews from conference organisers and entrepreneurs in Africa, having spoken in Botswana, Mozambique and Mauritius and Tanzania.

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Mike Ogilvie is an inspirational Professional Speaker!

He clearly stands out from the crowd both as a Profit Coach, a Tax Accountant and indeed as a Coach and Presenter. He is highly knowledgeable, experienced, innovative, and down to earth when it comes to suggesting how you can maximise profits in your business and plan for optimum success, whether you are a start up or a long established business in need of assistance. Mike emanates a sense of integrity, creativity and trust and what he so generously shares makes perfect sense from a high level business perspective.

I loved hearing him speak!

Fabienne Alsing
Public Speaker, Gourmet RAW Food Chef & Coach, Natural Health Consultant