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Quite simply – for more inspiration, more sales, and more profit

Mike is often called “The Profit Man”, and is one of UK’s leading Profit Coaches.

At times like this with the uncertain economic situation affecting so many businesses in different areas of the world, entrepreneurs and managers all over the world benefit from listening to someone who has experienced the recessions and downward financial cycles in the seventies, eighties, nineties, and naughties, and someone who is still running his own businesses as well as acting as a non-exec director for several other businesses.

Leadership is a lonely role

So many looking in from outside a business, assume that the leaders inside will have all the support they need, but we realise differently.

Leaders are paid to make tough and often unpopular decisions – and these decisions often can’t be made with consensus from colleagues around you.

Whether it is strategic planning for continuing success, or planning to “stop the rot”, leaders do not need “yes people” around them to help them make the decisions – instead, they need people with objective independent minds who are prepared to challenge with searching questions, but who will also be supportive and be prepared to assist where required.

Beware the specialist consultant with the “remedies and formulae in the tin” that claims these can and will solve everything.

Life just is not that simple, and the change facing businesses in the next three years, let alone the next ten years, is like a tsunami of potentially massive worry and concern about finances, operational systems and team members’ lives – this is when you need a cool head who is happy to listen, as much as advise.

Mike recognises that you are more likely to know and understand your business better than anyone else, and uses his experience to support leadership teams to prepare and formulate strategies to not only protect but also to project businesses forward as they face the uncertain future of artificial intelligence, off shore competition, seemingly apathetic team members, as well as crazy political decisions exploding all around them.

This does not need pre prepared systems and solutions – this needs cool heads, objective but different thinking, and being prepared to think about doing and going where it might previously have been considered illogical.

Experience “in difficult situations” is important for this sort of role, and Mike has the experience for this sort of challenge.

Mike and his support team like, where possible, to simplify management information and actions, and prefer to prioritise and “measure what matters” onto one page, to allow you to perform even better at making the right relevant decisions at the right time.

Mike does not use complicated theory; instead he offers practical, understandable and, most importantly implementable advice and tips to use with your business to help you prepare for and survive the next downturn and to be well placed to benefit from the upturn as and when it happens. (He is also happy to work with you to help you implement his advice.)

Mike encourages all businesses he works with to join him in deciding “not to take part in the next world recession”, and also to join his crusade against mediocrity – to transform businesses from S.A.D. to M.A.D. (from Satisfactory and Dull to Magnificent and Dazzling).

He has created a Facebook page “Be M.a.D. not S.a.D.” to celebrate and create champions of the extraordinary, both personal and business champions, and enjoys helping businesses to stand out from the crowd, to be acknowledged as delightfully different, not only in their local market but also around the world.

Whether there is a need in your business for more profit, more sales, better margins, better differentiation and customer service, or to identify and arrest any Profit Robbers before they steal your business, let’s start our conversation sooner rather than later.

Call Mike now 00441323-724400 to discuss how he might work with you.