Understand Your Figures and Measure What Matters

Michael is sometimes naughtily called an “Oxymoron” – a fascinating, interesting and humorous qualified accountant.

Often asked to explain Financial Accounts for non-financially trained managers, Michael has designed a small set of “memory cards” called “Measure what Matters” to be used as an aide memoire by business managers around the world

This can easily become a very “dry and boring” topic, but Michael starts his speech explaining one of his dreams about the famous film Ben Hur, and then continues with a duck travelling down a long straight road in Canada, onto rescuing an airline, and ending up on the River Zambesi with a super hero in Africa – all stories designed to illustrate the importance of “measuring what matters” so you can make the “right decisions in your business at the right time” – humour is an important addition to liven up this potentially soporific subject.

Michael says “In my experience, too many businesses are focused on activity, and not results, because they are not measuring what matters in their business”

This speech has often been expanded into a longer workshop for non-financial managers, at the end of which they will know what information they should be demanding from their accounts department, to allow them to do their job role more effectively.

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