…Thank goodness for Eddie

This weekend a group of friends and I celebrated Sandra Slinn’s 50th birthday at the Hilton Hotel at Avisford park in Arundel, in  West Sussex A beautiful weekend with glorious sunny weather to celebrate a happy occasion But dont you find how hotels have a wonderful habit of doing their best to ruin these occasions if … Continue reading …Thank goodness for Eddie

Worrying times for all

Take time out of the office to review if things need to change dramatically in your life and business. One of my clients have just had to lay off all their staff – they have all been given redundancy notice. Bad business? Unsuccessful? No not a bit – highly profitable with a very effective team … Continue reading Worrying times for all

Life work balance

I am just back from my summer holidays in spain at La Manga Club where I was accompanied by my son Daniel and two of his friends I had previously given Daniel the option of going to America to any of the multitude of sites out there, and he was horrified at the thought of … Continue reading Life work balance

WOW service story

Following a long day in Manchester at PSA meeting having caught 8.30 plane from Gatwick, Derek Arden and I went to BA and asked to be seated in same row with one seat between us so we could spread out Despite us having checked in that morning in Gatwick  the man at the counter was … Continue reading WOW service story