Comparative Values of Developing World

Having just returned from Malaysia and Borneo, I could not help but observe how clean the country was compared to our cities and towns here in UK

And yet we think we are a civilised country!

So why is it important enough for a poorer country to keep their streets clean, when we appear to accept so much rubbish on ours

Even the tube in Kuala Lumpur was spotless

Values ? The place was not covered by cleaners – it was simply the locals appear to have values that stopped them throwing litter all over the place

Maybe it is pride? Who knows? Whatever it is, we need to learn lessons from the people and their values in the so called developing world.

And these values were reflected also in the way we were greeted and treated by all locals without exception, and I just could not help compare this with the relatively unfriendly attitude we have to the tourists to our country.

The way we are heading, it wont be long before we become a “third world” poorer country, and if that happens I wonder if our people will learn to improve our values and attitudes as quickly as we will need to.

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