…Thank goodness for Eddie

This weekend a group of friends and I celebrated Sandra Slinn’s 50th birthday at the Hilton Hotel at Avisford park in Arundel, in  West Sussex

A beautiful weekend with glorious sunny weather to celebrate a happy occasion

But dont you find how hotels have a wonderful habit of doing their best to ruin these occasions if you let them?

Having booked our party of eight couples into the hotel over six months ago and having paid for everything in advance, you would expect we would all be in the same area of the hotel in decent rooms, or maybe I am  a bit naive?

But no, we were spread around the hotel, my partner and I were allocated a room for disabled visitors, which was not a major problem other than there was no bath, but one of our couples checked in after playing golf on their hotel golf course, to find there was no room for them because they had checked in after 6pm – the hotel had obviously sold it to another couple, despite us all having paid for the rooms in advance. They were eventually found a twin room.

Not a good start – we were dreading the rest of the stay

Thank goodness for Eddie

Edward (call me Eddie) was one of the restaurant team who was allocated the responsibility of looking after our table of 16, in a very full restaurant last night ………. and what a good job he did

He personally was responsible for transforming our mood by making us feel very special and giving us a happy cheery, always smiling, service where nothing was too much trouble for him.

He built rapport with us and we left the table, not only wanting to make sure a generous tip was left for Eddie (in cash) but, in such a good mood that we forgot our frustrations caused by the team in reception

I thought about it today – that hotel manager probably does not know how much grief he has been saved from by Eddie


And guess who was there this morning to apologise that a breakfast table was not immediately available for me – yes you are right …. THANK GOODNESS FOR EDDIE – HE SAVED OUR WEEKEND

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