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I am just back from my summer holidays in spain at La Manga Club where I was accompanied by my son Daniel and two of his friends

I had previously given Daniel the option of going to America to any of the multitude of sites out there, and he was horrified at the thought of giving up La Manga Club where he has got to know so many people over the years.

Needless to say we had a really enjoyable time together – its true what they say… when your kids are happy you can relax

Coming across this photo of me skiing with Daniel, I realise I have been very forunate to go on so many varying sporting holidays with him

And yet there was a time, when like so many, when I could only find time to snatch a holiday – because I was  always too BUSY!

Now at the beginning of each year I will always go through my outlook calendar and before I plan anything else into my diary, I will set out my holidays – this way I can plan my work around my holidays

I share this simple idea with my clients, but I am still amazed about how many go without, not because they cannot afford to, but because they have not planned and organised their diaries long enough in advance to give themselves space to take a break

We never know when our time on earth will be up, so it is very important to fit our work around our life and family, not the other way round like I used to do .

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