Thrifty Car Hire – What’s going on here?


An interesting surprise from Thrifty Car Hire on my return to Calgary Airport

Further to my recent postings about the great experience of dealing with Canadian people and businesses, apart from Thrifty Car Hire, I arrived back at Calgary Airport tired after a long icy ride back from Panorama Mountain Village.

We handed the car back and then the Thrifty airport manager announces, without us having said a word to him, that he had reduced the charge for petrol by half , and he had reduced our hire charge by the equivalent of one day hire, thus reducing our overall cost from over $800 to around $600

It was still higher than the original quote we had of around $400 and the Enterprise Quote of around $500, but a welcome surprise .

I was not prepared to get into an argument as I wanted to check in my luggage, so I just said I was unhappy with the way I had been treated by Thrifty back in downtown Calgary.

So what brought this unexpected gesture about? Why did they suddenly feel guilty about treating me so badly?

All I can think is that Patti the concierge from Eau Claire must have phoned them to complain – I am trying to find out.

So Thrifty are not rotten through and through after all – but I would not recommend anyone to use them after the way I was treated.

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