Invitation to Canadian businesses – Please join my ‘Crusade against Mediocrity’


An invitation to Canadians – Who do you know who stands out from the crowd?

I am looking forward to visiting friends in Canada in December, when I will be attending the GSS Summit at Vancouver, with Global Speakers from countries around the world

I will be writing about my customer service experiences which will hopefully be memorable if my last visit is anything to go by.

I have started a “crusade against mediocrity” and I hope I will be joined by Canadian businesses in spearheading this campaign.

I have launched a new Linkedin Group – called “Standing out from the crowd – Being M.A.D. not S.A.D. (Magnificent and Dazzling not Satisfactory and Dull like so many businesses these days) and I hope you will link in with me and join this group to celebrate  all things good we can find about exceptional businesses – big and small – around the world.

Please listen to the message below – let me know what you think – I would love to hear from you – email me [email protected] with your “dazzling examples”


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