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Stop Moaning – Take Action

Things are tough in both the UK and the world economy, and I fear they are going to get tougher this year.

It is up to you to decide if you want to be a victim or are you going to take your life under control and make it work for you.

I am increasingly hearing people bemoan their lot, and I look at what is happening in Greece and compare it to the attitude of the people in Ireland.

The Greeks have been told that as a nation they need to cut back drastically including wages in the public sector, so what is their reaction – lets go on strike

The Irish were asked to do the same thing, and though naturally they did not like it, they recognised that to recover their credibility and credit worthiness in the world they had to take the medicine – even the Prime Minister led the way with a pay cut himself.

In the UK we are faced with the same issues, and who ever comes to power after the election in May will be forced to raise taxes and cut spending.

That does not mean that YOU have to suffer with the masses – that depends on your attitude to grasping your life by its throat and doing things differently.

There are still new businesses being started in this recession that are doing well, despite the lack of financial support from some bankers (not all).

I have client businesses who are introducing new services, new products, rebranding and taking the initiative, rather than sitting there waiting to die by doing nothing differently like so many businesses are doing.

Even my own accountancy business OBC The Accountants in Eastbourne are investing in a new additional “niche” website which will be targeted at the Healthcare sector – I only mention that to show I am walking my talk – Keep Moving or prepare to be run over and squashed by your competition

Similarly with tax – YOU do not have to pay extra tax (unless you feel morally obliged to do so)

Even the chancellor of the Exchequer admitted when he introduced the new 50% higher rate of Income Tax that he only expected less than a third of those eligible to pay to actually pay the 50% rate, because two thirds will take advice (from accountants who know how) to legally avoid paying this extra tax.

My point is – whether it is tax or whether it is declining sales or cash flow – ONLY YOU can change your fortunes .

Get the right advice and then take the right ACTION to make 2010 a year you will enjoy not regret.

For a copy of my firms checklist to reduce UK tax (legally) just email me me and ask (mo@obcaccountants.com)

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