Advertising – the 3 M question

The three basic questions for effective advertising

Talking at the recent Aftabnet conference, we had to ask the basics for advertising in a  recession, having previously established that it was foolhardy to reduce your marketing budget in a recession.

So where do you start?

How will you make your message effective?

This is what I refer to as the 3M question – how will you make the message stick?

Identify your 3 Ms :-

Market? – be very clear about who are your targets – you have no room for wasting your marketing spend in a recession
Message? – be very clear (and test it carefully) what your most effective message is likely to be to attract that market
Media? – only when you are clear about the first two Ms, then must you decide what the most effective media will be to carry your message to your market.

Having done that, let’s look at 3Ms again to remind ourselves about the most effective method of being successful in achieving a successful marketing campaign

We know buying is an emotional decision and not a logical one, so we need to ensure our message engages those emotional “wants” of our prospects

I use 3Ms again as a checklist to test the “emotional pull” of my message

Is the message Mesmerising, Mouth-watering, and Mind-blowing? Where is the wow factor that makes our message IRRESISTIBLE, that makes our prospects want to use us rather than our competitors?

My question to you – How irresistible is your message?

Look at the first few lines on your web site – do they encourage visitors to read on and learn more?

Look at your yellow pages advert – how good is the “hook” to get people to phone you?

Look at your other adverts for recruitment, in your brochures, in local papers, in national papers – what is “sticky” about your message that will make people think – WOW I want to find out more about them ?

Then where is the best place to put our message?? – keep reading these blogs and we will see what the research shows is most effective at the moment.

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