What if – and why not?

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to attend the annual conference of the Professional Speakers Conference in Forest of Arden in the midlands.

The final “Keynote” speaker was an after dinner speaker called Mike Rayburn who we have not heard about yet in this country.

He is an amazing musician and I dont have to be particularly visionary to be able to confidently predict that he will be a massive world wide star before long.

Have a look at his website www.mikerayburn.com to see what he does, more importantly HOW HE DOES IT, and listen to his message.

He uses music to illustrate his point “What if and why not?” which is so important at the present time when so many are tempted to “curl up and die” in the face of the current economic onslaught.

As I said at our recent BBF , our breakfast meeting Business Builder Forum for Entrepreneurs, we must not worry about what we are unable to control but concentrate more on what we can control or at least influence.

As I think I have said in previous blogs, none of us have experienced anything like this before in terms of an economic meltdown like this.

I experienced the seventies recession, the eighties property bubble” and the nineties Dot “Con” boom and bust, but I have never faced anything like this where the banks have lost control, and have had to be bailed out by governments around the world, and therefore are increasingly reluctant to lend us in business the money we require for liquidity.

We are all in uncharted territory now, and we therefore need to be flexible with our thinking and decision making to make the most of any opportunity that might face us, rather than adopting the old ways of thinking and decision making that used to work before.

We are bound to be affected by what is happening out in the world and it would be astonishing if we were anything other than cautious, wary, or pessimistic.

But what we do need to be is open minded about possibility thinking – like Mike Rayburn

What he explains is what he believes – that we all have massive reserves of untapped talent, energy and skills, if only we would let ourselves release it all.

He explains how he came to play the guitar completely differently to the way it has been played for over 500 years, and how it was his belief system that allowed him to ask “What if and Why not?”

So it must be with us.

When you are being thwarted by lack of income , lack of cash, or lack of ideas in the next few years, it is exactly then that you must believe in your own ability, otherwise you must not remain in business.

It is exactly then that you must trust your gut instincts to come up with new ideas or strategies for a new way or ways forward in your business.

I do understand it is easier said than done, but you must believe in yourself (as long as you are prepared to take action) and you can do worse than to watch and listen to Mike Rayburn if ever you get the chance to be inspired by this amazing guy, even if it is only via his website.

We must all take this on board and share this positive thinking with all our friends. colleagues and relatives – this type of thinking will be what is required to first create stability in our economy, and subsequently expansion out of all this mess in which we find ourselves in UK and the world at wide.

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