Happy Christmas to everyone

Happy Christmas at a time of so much uncertainty …. but it is not all bad news

Happy Christmas to you all

I have been run almost ragged recently helping businesses with planning for the next few months, let alone for the year ahead which we should be planning

There is so much uncertainty, even amongst the banks, and we have to look to cutting costs where ever possible assuming the worst, and lets hope the worst does not actually happen.

This will inevitably mean people casualties, which at Christmas is not what we want to hear.

Good news? – One business I work with are actually planning to bring back production from China to the UK so that is positive news to help readdress all the negative news

So lets make some new years resolutions to look for good news whenever we can , and talk about it when we find it, to help bring some balance to conversations out there

I will do my bit starting with this posting.

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