How should you make it hard for clients to resist your pricing structure?

Regardless of whether you’re a MD for a multi-million-pound organization or the proprietor of a beauticians salon on the high street, setting prices can be a troublesome subject to handle and hard to get right.

Buyers are currently smarter than at any other time in recent memory.

Buyers have more alternatives, can effortlessly contrast your offer with the competition, and consequently they expect more than ever.

If you do not try to improve your pricing systems, it will mean that you will never take advantage of the higher profits your business could be creating.

In his splendid book “Priceless – The hidden psychology of value”, William Poundstone has impressed by pulling together the best science about value pricing.

He explains that pricing is a substantially more sophisticated subject than most people realize, and educates us about how pricing of our goods and services affects the way anyone thinks about them.

Poundstone explains the revolutionary impact that new pricing strategies have had on big business – we all need to be aware of the tricks they use.

It’s a book every entrepreneur should eagerly want to digest to be able to begin testing the insights on their own business. To read more about the findings in the book, please go to my business web site where we share a lot more detail …..

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